Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Free day, Idol, Pharaoh and excuses, and a thought provoking question

Well, this is my first day since being back from Thailand (1/19) where I have had absolutely nothing to do after work. What a break. I should be in bed now, but while I was doing stuff, I watched American Idol. Definitely thought 01 was the best, but Simon had other plans. She has a great voice though - and he did think she was good.
Did some packing, working on my computer - there will come some time in the near future where I will not have it because it will be getting fixed, talked about wedding stuff with MG (great bridesmaid's dress though) - whoohoo, cooked some dinner, ate some Samoas Edy's Grand Light icecream! Downloaded the latest episode of House, because I missed it on Monday night for choir practice.
Now back to my regularly scheduled hectic day tomorrow. Nothing out of the ordinary: work, Duke for interviews, work, BSU, Choir practice, Bible study, home, sleep...
Thinking...when you are being pressed by authorities with something you don't believe in, does your brain stop - oh, wait, I want out, or do you stop and think and really work through the problem, take a look at Scripture, and stand up for what you believe? Anyway - just a question to think about.

Now, onto Exodus...where I will be for a few weeks - this is a long book:

4.11 - so many times we offer excuses - and so many times He offers up Himself - just like in Job here. Who is man?
4.14 - How often does God get angry at my excuses that I offer up when I don't want to obey Him: like when I want to eat good ice cream even when I'm not hungry, or sleep a few minutes later even though I need to spend time in the Word, or...(the list could go on and on).
4.21 - Why didn't God just make Pharaoh let them go? He wanted to show His greater glory. The people of God would never have had a glimpse of the Passover - wouldn't have had a better understanding of the Cross (through their history), if God didn't do this thing: hardening Pharaoh's heart over and over again.
6.12, 30 - You would think after 2 chapters Moses would stop making excuses and believe, but that isn't quite the case. How many chapters will it take me?

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