Sunday, February 05, 2006

SuperBowl, Stupid Sheep, and Mark

Alright, let me get this out before the kick off begins, then I gotta do my quiet time and then watch the big game.
Seattle - 24
Pittsburgh - 21

Alright, don't ask me how close it is going to be, but in honor of Bob Bacon - go Seattle!

Today's church time was good. Teaching went well. Worship from the back instead of the front was great. More freedom I felt sitting in the back...good sermon...
Ok - as I write this...the Star Spangled Banner is being horribly sang...oh well, just my opinion! And Condi Rice is at the Super Bowl...go figure.

As I've been telling a friend lately - don't go on how you feel but on what you know. Know that Jesus is real and has risen from the grave and that is why our lives are not in vain - but we have resurrection power in us to die to sin each day. That is what I taught the girls this morning.

Alright - now on to Mark 6-10

6.6 - All because of our unbelief. He was probably wondering what they couldn't believe. Here He was doing all this stuff - preaching - and they wouldn't believe - not even when He healed the sick and caused the blind to see. Many didn't even believe after He rose from the dead. Many still don't believe today. One day - they will (Phil 2.11)
6.34 - Just like this picture above from Thailand - when I was on the temple mount looking out over Chiang mai - this is the verse I thought of. How Jesus looked on the people with compassion because they were stupid - Sheep - without a shepherd. 7.6,7 - Oh what great words from the prophet Isaiah - right here. Lip service, adultery in their heart, vanity in worship, proclaiming lies over truth - all false worship.
8.13f - How did the disciples still not understand who they were with and what He came to do. Not only to feed the masses - but to Feed them with the Bread of Life. Here they had just seen 9000 people fed with very little, and then they were complaining and worried that the 12 of them didn't have enough bread on the boat. Oh, what little faith.
8.34-37 - sOme of the hardest discipleship words of Scripture. Some Jim Elliot lived out well - as we see in the movie The End of the Spear (
10.23-24 - Oh the difference of one word - have and trust. We can have riches, but Jesus says not to place our trust in our possessions.
10.48 - When people tell you to be quiet about your faith - be like this bling man here in Mark - "but he cried out all the more!"

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