Monday, February 06, 2006

Post-Football season & Temples of Prayer

Well, I was right...Pittsburgh did score 21 points, I was just wrong on Seattle's - (sorry Bob). To be honest I really didn't even watch most of the game. I was watching something else and kept turning it over there. But from what I saw it wasn't that exciting of a game. But, truly a sad day. It is the end of football season as I know it until next August. And then MNF is moving to ESPN - what is up with that. I hope less people watch it, then after many years of their contract, they will move it back to a non-cable station.

Mark 11-12
These pictures up here illustrate very clearly part of the passage of Mark 11. This is in Chiang Mai as Chris (my worship pastor) and Angie (our children's director) sit praying over the temple. This was another one of the verses that came to mind when I was there. Many people were selling things, both in and outside of the temple. This was not was the temple (or the church) was made for. It was made for prayer - for worship. This is it. For His glory!

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