Thursday, August 31, 2006

1 year, Ernesto, Boston, and babies!

Well, it has now been one year. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my blog. It has been helpful to me and I hope it has also been helpful, fun, and an encouragement to each of you!

Ernesto is the big news on this coast. It will probably delay my flight some today b/c it is supposed to take off when we are getting another band of rain and wind. I love hurricanes - they fascinate me and they are so fun to walk in, sit through in a rocking chair, watch, etc. I know who makes them and He is in control of them. Isn't that a comforting thought! I'm not saying we shouldn't be prepared for them, there is always stupidity that plays a factor into that. But, they shouldn't be "feared" either. We should only fear the one who makes them.

Boston - here I come. I'm scheduled to get up there around 7p, so I'm chilling at work here today for the last few hours. Will get adjusted before I go and pick mom up some medicine, then head to the airport. I think this is definitely the trip I have the most shoes on - but they have to go with certain outfits. And this time I didn't plan my outfit by my shoes and how I could only bring one pair. They are all in my carry-on since shoes aren't liquid - I can carry them on board.

I'll be posting pictures as the weekend progresses and give my general synopsis of the city and all its glory when I return.

And the last friends in TX had a baby! That is Joe and Jana up top there. Their new addition is Erin - she will be three weeks old this weekend. I met Joe in seminary and we've stayed friends. Jana is great and I know will be a great Mom. They are serving at a church in TX so I definitely don't get to see them as much. Congrats!

Prov 22.6 - my prayer for you guys!

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