Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Problems and Golf in the rain

That is what happened today...
Packed out first college service at Cole Mill. We had somewhere in the vicinity of 260 - but know we have put about 300 in there before for prayer meeting - so we will just have to cram more next week (or the following since it Labor Day next week). Brad brought it on the spoken Word of God and the plurality of Elohim in the first 2 chapters in Genesis. Jason did great as he lead us in worship in that God is the Divine Creator and not the Divine Manipulator (Heb 11.3). It was good to see a majority of my girls again, there are a few I still haven't seen and some have graduated now and serve elsewhere in the church.
The 11a service is definitely the PACKED HOUSE. There was no room. We brought in extra chairs, some sat in the choir loft, and some sat on the floor. That is the problem. Some new people may not come back b/c there was no room for them to sit - or they had to sit up front - oh, the happy problems of a growing church with no "home".
3 more days till I leave for Boston - whoohooo!
I wouldn't say I'm not a Tiger fan, but I just don't usually play into all the hype of players. He is a fantabulous golfer - but is he the best golfer in the world of all times - um, don't know. But, him and Cink went at it today even finishing in the rain. It didn't seem like either one of them really wanted to win - because they were hitting it in the trees, bunkers, sand, missing puts, etc. Finally - Tiger prevailed. nice little pocket change he got - more than I'll have in my lifetime he got from playing 4 days of hitting a little white ball with a big numbered metal stick...oh, the life...

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