Thursday, August 10, 2006

Colts and Laura

Happy Birthday Laura!!!

Ahh - the life. I've worked a long day, took a good cycle class, ate a healthy dinner, enjoyed a frozen strawberry pop, and now I'm watching PRESEASON FOOTBALL. And not just any PSF - the COLTS!! WHOOHOO - go Peyton. Not only a great college football player and pro football player, but also an outspoken Christian who loves Jesus. And not just Peyton - but also Tony Dungy. Who had a rough end of the season last year - but good gracious - the man loves God! :) Oh, the joys of football. Can't wait for the real games to start. These are only fun for about the first 10 minutes, because that is how long the "real" players play, then the second and third string and the water boys come in - sometimes they even bring in the crowd.
But, now onto someone who holds a personal stake in my life. Today is the birthday of Miss Laura Robinson. I've known her for about 2 years now. She has been in my Bible study (and Veronica's) for the 4 semesters that we taught. She is an amazing chick who loves Jesus. She is real, loves to teach, is about to start 3rd grade teaching in a week or so, just graduated Carolina, teaches 10th grade girls at the Summit, dates a guy named Chris who just got a job in SC, her parents live close by, her car is great but it has been giving her problems, loves taking trips to DC with me, and as you can tell by the picture - loves baking sugar cookies. For her birthday, we are going to the Wake Forest Tea Room - sometime - a Saturday that we can head over there. I'm glad she likes me - cause I get to know her and love her - and she doesn't get too tired of me. Laura - Happy Birthday - hope you had a wonderful day. Consider this your card till we go to WF. Keep pressing into the presence of God - even when you are tired of kids or of painting your room or sewing pillows.

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