Saturday, August 12, 2006

Random things

Three things to blog about today (ok, maybe more)
1. Finally found the cake pan I've been looking for since a long time. A straight-side one piece pound cake pan. I make a brown sugar pound cake - and now I can make many more. And my mom doesn't need to bring me hers! And it wasn't that expensive (definitely cheaper than I would have paid at W-S had they had one).
2. It is Annie's birthday. I work with Anne and she puts up with me, she trained me, she loves people. That is her in the picture above in the suit. The picture was taken the day of the bridal brunch for MGs wedding. Anne also works at a dept store at night - otherwise we would be dressed more like this next person...
3. I get to go housesit. I'm housesitting for another lady I work with (also in the picture), Marcey. She is going to the beach (I'd rather be there).'ll be a change of pace.
4. Talked to Dad and he said he heard a sermon on one of my fave verses last night that I had known for a long time - Ps 37 - what did I talk about last night.

So, that is what is going on for this Saturday...

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