Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bookends and Commands

Tuesdays are inevitably better than Mondays just because of the fact they aren't Mondays. I would hate to be Monday just b/c I would know people would hate me just b/c of my name: regardless of what happened on said day. Just something to think about.
Great workouts bookended the 8 hours where I sit in a chair. First at the gym this morning, then walking around Woodcroft with Mollie: discussing cars and homes with no price tags - what a fantasy world. Had a great salad at Souper Salad (Sweet Toms is so much better but afore mentioned place is closer and cheaper). Then walked back.
Open doors, shut doors...that is one of the ways God is teaching me that He works. But, he also works through the Word - I'm in Ps 34 today. Good stuff, very multi-dimensional (is that a word?)...

Ps 34.1-3 is what would seem to the listening ear or reading eye to be to said to people - meaning corporate worship. Our worship pastor at the Summit has used it many times to lead the congregation on Sunday mornings.
My soul makes its boast in the Lord;let the humble hear and be glad
Focusing on verse 2. What do I boast in: my gifts, talents, brain, cooking, books, etc? Or do I boast in the Lord. One of my fave Piper sermons is Boast Only in the Cross spoken at the Passion One Day in 2000. It was amazing live and it is great to hear it again from time to time. Also, here is a call to humility. We can not hear the Word of the Lord being spoken to us or read over us if we have too much pride. Not only our ears are closed but our hearts as well. Therefore...we can't be glad. Pride destroys b/c God says He resists the proud - and that is where our joy comes - our relationship with God. See the connection?

34.4-8 seems to be a testimony time for David. He says "this poor man". I can see David now, slamming his open-faced palm on his chest - and saying - its me! its me! I'm that poor man - look He delivered me - look at what My GOD did for me, when I was poor!

34.7-14 (overlaps I know) is a charge to the congregation. TASTE! SEE! TAKE REFUGE! SEEK! LISTEN! FEAR ME! KEEP! TURN! DO! All these are exclamatory commands from David - their Chief!

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