Saturday, August 19, 2006

Instruments of Praise!

Instruments of praise:
Sorry for so long of a time between blogs. This is a new thing for me - not blogging daily, but I was housesitting so my schedule was a little off.
But, I was reading in Psalms this week and there are many things to be thankful for. I have done a lot of complaining lately and that doesn't bode well. But there are some good things:
1. The Hope of Scripture
2. This day too shall pass (especially when my back hurts so bad I hardly stand up without screaming out in pain).
3. A deacon that will drive across town at 9p to try to jump my battery and then drive me to another house when the battery won't start.
4. A cheap but honest mechanic that will work on my car within a few hours.
5. Co-workers who will pick me up and loan me their cars to drive to pick up mine.
6. Class with Dr. Coley at the seminary that makes my degree something worth while even if I work at a job I don't like that doesn't mean squat to my degree or passion.
7. Fun e-cards you can send to people.
8. Saturday nights not to do anything but having to miss out on really cool parties because you pulled you back out moving the Heel Mobile.

Thankful for instruments of praise! :)

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