Saturday, August 05, 2006

Singers, Banana Bread, and David

Its been a productive Saturday. Didn't feel like blogging much yesterday - so I didn't. Kind of like journaling - sometimes you feel like it - others you don't. You don't have to do it everyday.
Right now I'm listening to the GVB and waiting for some banana nut cc bread to cook. I've cleaned the kitchen now I'll just wait for it to get done. The bread is almost done and might I say that David Phelps is the best singer out there (male) and Christy Nockels is the best female singer out there - hands down - any genre of music. Any one have any contenders. Maybe Andre' Boccelli (sp?), but David Phelps - dude can belt it out!
Enjoyed some fresh produce from a friend's garden today for dinner and a party in Raleigh. Tomorrow is church and then lunch with a friend and exercise. Do I really have to go back to work on Monday?...yuck.
Anyway...the Psalms have been good - I just haven't been blogging on them. I was in Ps 31 today. Feel some of David's relief of God's answering lately - joy, hearing, listening, answers. Been oft quoting Ps 25.12 which is such a fantastic verse. It has definitely been my favorite lately.
The whole idea of God being our refuge is evidenced all through David's writings. It is a common theme. Much of David's life was spent as king - fighting, battles, strategizing, etc. I can imagine why this was such an important concept to him. (v 1)
He talks about the reason he leads and guides him in and out of battle, relationships, positions, countries...FOR HIS NAME'S SAKE...that is THE REASON (v 3)
He brings up worthless idols again. His day was full of worthless idols: bronze and golden images they offered up to the gods as sacrifice or ones they thought would buy them a little more standing. But, we know we serve the ONLY LIVING GOD who is the RULER of this world and there is no other god before HIM and there is no other god other than Him - no matter how we live our lives. So, is our life going to match our theology or is our theology going to match our life (think about the difference that order makes in that statement)? (v 6)
He knows salvation comes from the face of the Almighty being upon Him. There is so much going on around him: whispers, attacks, fightings, arguings. Yes - if the psalmist only had the face of GLORY shine upon him he would be saved. (v 16)
Oh how abundant is the goodness of God (the Father of Lights) who has stored up good things (till overflowing) for those who fear Him. How exciting is that know the potential of the storing up of the blessings of God? (v 19)
David mentions in this psalm alot the steadfast love of the Lord. How many wonderful things it does. When the world is so iffy in it love, so conditional, so self-seeking - the abundant, covenantal, faithful, God-seeking, love of the Father for His children is amazing and so other-world and different than ours. There is nothing like it.
Rest in that love...

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