Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Anticipating Chapter 4

Ok - I've been tempting my mother with this all day - she has no clue what chapter 4 is. But...she is about to find out.
Ruth. I'm studying it in preparation for a women's conference I'm speaking at in November. It is already being used mightily in my life by the Spirit.
Starts out with famine and death...ends with hope and life. OK - so I'd like to get to chapter 4. It goes very well with Rom 8.32 which I really love. I'm in a bitter and un-content time in my life right now - just where Naomi was. And I'm sure deep down Ruth was too (she wasn't perfect). But men and jobs have done their number on me today. Why do we have to have either one of them. Both are necessary though but both are highly frustrating. Why?
But - that is where chapter 4 comes in - HOPE in a BABY. Not Obed - necessarily - but in his future...JESUS - the BABY of all BABIES!
So, you will be hearing a lot more from Ruth in the next 2 months as I prepare. As always - I learn more when i do the teaching/speaking than I ever do if I'm just sitting. (Unless it is someone like Nelson or Piper or someone like the caliber of them).

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