Monday, August 21, 2006

I hate pain!

Ok - that is the scream of my day today and yesterday, and the day before.
I can't stand, sit, lay down, sleep, walk, (or exercise on orders from my chiro) without pain. Sitting is the worst I think. Getting up is awful movement - I act like I'm pregnant because I have to use my arms to get me up or down. NO I'M NOT PREGNANT.
I was just doing something that I should NOT have been doing on Friday night and ended up doing some damage to my already compacted lower disks in my back. But...such is life. Now I live off aleve (because they are anti-inflammatories), ice packs (or frozen beans, broccoli, edamame), and a pillow in between my legs to sleep. This is insane.
Anyway...the Israelites went through pain because of their sin. But, as I see in Ps 44, God saw them through it. He will see me through this (with the help of Dr. Adams - man, he's great) and He will get the greater glory from this.
My summer is bookended with pain: gallbladder surgery and disk issues. Good gracious. I hope the fall is less painful! :)
Have a great, and pain-free night blogland!


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