Saturday, August 26, 2006

thoughts on "singles" ministry

This is the debate I had today...
I said at lunch I would rather go to a women's event at a church than a singles' event. This is my reasoning. Being single in the church culture is negative. Like it or not. Being a woman for most people in the world (unless they are sexist) is not negative. I'm perfectly content with my singleness (1 Cor 7 is very real to me).
But, I think lumping all singles into the same category just because of their marital status is hurting the ministry - or not utilizing it to the best it could be.
If you are trying to reach all singles with one singles event a week or whatever and never breaking them up into their respective "categories" - than it will never be the fullest it can be.
There are singles of every age (newborns are singles). But, the ones most singles ministries reach are 18-death who don't have a ring on their finger. But, if you were able to break up college, younger singles, divorced singles, always single older adults, then you can be more productive. But, then you lose the cross-generational effect that has to happen in a church.
But...why do we have to be segrated in the church at all. Married people aren't segragated - they are the church. So are we - we just don't wear a ring on our finger.

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Kristin S. said...

Hey Kim! This is Kristin S. You bring up a very interesting point in, in fact, that has been plaguing me since before I graduated from college.

Singles ministries are overrated. We are all single for a period (some people for as long as they live but most people are single for less time). Marriage is an earthly covenant that is not recognized in Heaven. I think it's important to acknowledge that we will stand before a holy God as individuals -- not as married couples -- and therefore, we should conduct our lives, whether single or married, in an effort to glorify Christ through every walk of our lives. In general, I question the over-compartmentalization of Believers in ministries.

Personally, I wish to see more ministries for all age groups and for those who are in all walks of life. I would love to be a part of a Christian theology book club through our church. I think this would be an amazing opportunity for people from all walks to learn and grow from the Word and, even moreso, from each other. The only problem is...I cannot lead a co-ed group. I'd love to co-lead, however, if the opportunity ever arose.