Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More catching up with Matthew

It feels good to read again just for me and come through a time of set aside prayer and reading and worship in intercession for other people. REnewal comes through that like no other - fantastic and mysterious.
5.6 - what do I hunger and thirst for? Am I wanting other things to fill me?
5.13 - What do I do in every day life that causes me to lose my saltiness? Sleeping and eating too much - not paying enough attention to worship, disciplines, and the Word?
6.1 - How guilty I am of this often - when I worship - O Lord let my grace gifts be given to you and you alone
6.7 - Let my prayers be genuine - let my whole outward relationship with you be evidenced by the inner walk - not for show
6.10 - No authority here on earth can stop your will - we pray and claim that whatever your will is it will be done here on earth!
6.17 - Thank you for rewarding with your presence and Words from your Word
7.8 - Everyone who asks receives...what good promise!
7.11 - How much more? Thank you for being so far above us!
7.29 - He didn't need the authority of the scribes - He is the authority. All authority starts and ends with Him!
8.10 - Oh what a look at distant faith. To be like that - praised for the faith that is only given by grace.
8.19-22 - We think we are often so willing, yet when it comes down to it we really aren't. O Lord let me be willing to follow you wherever you might lead
8.26 - Why are you afraid and where is your faith?
9.9 - Another display of unhesitating obedience. True obedience.
9.29 - According to your faith - oh give me more grace that I can have more faith that you are going to complete your will here on earth.
9.38 - Pray earnestly!

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