Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Catching up - Dec 2-5

Ok - so this will be quite a long blog. With company - I didn't have my laptop right with me all the time, so I just read random stuff and not the plan. HEre we will finish up 2 Chron, James and some of Matthew.

30.8 - Yield, consecrate, serve - so that the anger and wrath of the Lord may be far from us. do not be stiffnecked - that is what he often referred the people of Israel too. Let me be yeilding to him.
30.12 - Humble and one heart. Wholeheartedly seeking after what God wants and not what we want.
31.21 - Seeking the Lord with all his heart - he did what he did and prospered - the way to true success
32.8 - Even against massive armies - the Lord was with the victor
33.10 - God - if and when you speak to me - help me not to pay no attention, Help me to listen and obey
34.2 - Diligence in doing right
34.31 - Josiah's covenant: walk after the LORd, keep his commandments, testimonies and statutes, with all he was, and to perform what the Lord said
35.7 - the king sacrificed for the people
James 1.4 - So the more trials we have the more steadfast, complete, and perfect we will be?
1.5-8 - Make M stable in all her ways - trusting in you to give her what she asks. GIve her wisdom because she asks for it.
1.17 - a small glimpse of unchanging love - there is no variation or shadow due to change
1.27 - we always forget this part - to keep oneself unstained from the world. That is included in true religion
2.10 - Edmund in Narnia
2.23 - believed an obedience - called a friend of God

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