Monday, December 12, 2005

Some catching up from Matthew

Matt 1 - How God uses our inadequacies and sins to bring about his plans. And Joseph - all he probably wanted to do was to settle down and have a nice little carpenter's life...imagine what he got himself into.
2.2 We saw his star - the one he spoke into existence, now they come to worship the creator born baby King
2.10 - Rejoiced exceedingly with great joy - do you think perhaps they were excited?
3.11 - Why don't I ever think I am that unworthy - not even to carry his sandals. But I think I'm worthy enough to sing his praises and teach his Word
4.2 - Did that mean he wasn't hungry during the 40 days and I can't even go 38 hours without being hungry? Again, fasting is only a tool...not the end to grace.
4 -end - When JEsus said go - these men left everything and followed Him. They didn't ask other people or want other's opinions - they went. May God command loudly!

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