Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Rest of Matthew on Christmas Day, 16-19, pt 1

Starting with Chapter 16
16.23 - Boy, Peter goes from the Rock to Satan - Faith and perseverance to protection...
16.26 - What does it look like to gain the whole world and forfeit LIFE? Lord, teach me how I do that everyday.
17.13 - We often ask for signs and wonders and then when they happen we do not recognize them. The Jews have asked for a Savior - but now that He has come - they do not recognize Him because He isn't exactly what THEY wanted. Help me to see what YOU do for Your glory and npt get it mized up with what I want.
17.17 - You have to think Jesus would get a little tired of faithless people. He had been with the same people this whole time and yet to think they still didn't know Him or believe in Him

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