Sunday, August 03, 2008

Daniel Boone Inspired Travel

Two more state parks in Kentucky, marked off my list. Both of these were more historic in nature.
Boone Station, the Daniel Boone settlement in Athens, KY, was my first stop. Met at my car by the park keep named Luther, who is 62 and has been there since 1991, I looked around at its beauty. There is only a few picnic tables and two barns on this property of more than 600 acres. And trees of course. Mr. Luther told me all about it and gave me a back way to get to my next state park (which he works during the winter that Boone Station is closed.
I loved this one because all I could hear was nature and sometimes the tractor that Mr. Luther rode. That was it. You can bring your own lunch and have a picnic, enjoy the quiet, and hardly see another person. There was one other couple who started the tree-lined trail before me.
This State Historic Site was settled by Boone in 1779 because he thought Boonesboro was getting too populated. So, he came west about 10 miles and got 600 acres, put up lean-tos, and camped there until spring - then he built his dwelling places. It is in Athens, KY, off 75 at Exit 104. just about 70 minutes from Louisville. Go east about 2 miles, turn left where you see the sign. When you dead end, take a right. Its easy and peaceful.
Then I took a back road up to the original Ft. Boonesboro during the Civil War. This is speculation and there are "discussions" on which fort is the real one. But, this one runs right along the Kentucky River, and it is gorgeous. So calm. Then I found the Ft. Boonesboro State Park. Has one little trail that heads up to the fort, mini-golf, a huge pool with slide, picnic areas, etc. This would be a great park for families with small kids.
Ft. Boonesboro is off exit 94 on 75, go east and follow signs. Maybe 90 minutes from door to door.
My next one I think will be White Hall near Lexington on the 16th. But, who knows, it may be another one - stay tuned.

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