Monday, September 07, 2009

Catch up on my world...

Sorry for the lack of posts on this particular blog. I don't post many pics here anymore because most people use facebook for that. I've tried to keep this blog for truly what it set out to be - a place for my thoughts on the Word. So, here you go.
1. Reading. I do love to do it. Currently, I am spending most of my time reading books about women in missions (for a blog I am working on) and also Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers - for the upteenth time. I LOVE that book. It is my bed time reading. Find much of her in myself and love the modernized story of the book of Hosea.
2. I am slowly reading through Colossians from the J B Phillips version of the Bible. I got this Bible from Brad Layland back in 97 when I started working with him at Young Life - great boss. I love this Bible. I love the inscription on it. He was such an influence in my life. Thank you Brad! Colossians is one of those books that no matter how many times I read it - I learn something more each time, wondering where that came from and how come I never saw that before. I am thankful for the continuing working of the Holy Spirit through the writings of Scripture.
3. I am trying to plug in to Sojourn - my church here in Louisville. I am grateful for a church who's passion is the Word, the community. There you go. The force driving both of those things is the Gospel. Sojourn is not about great music (which they have) or great preaching (which they have) or great art (which they have), its about the Gospel.
4. This week is my 2 year anniversary of being in Louisville. I absolutely love the men of God that I work for. They are men who encourage me, pray for me, lead me, show me what it is to be real, humble, leaders of their wives and children, etc. I love their passion for the gospel and the ministry of the local church. I love how they care about their family and spend time with their children. I love their love for their students - and how they succeed. How refreshing this is. I am grateful for my job and for the professors in my life.
5. Thinking about gluttony vs indulgence. When does indulgence become a sin? Why don't more pastors or leaders preach on the sin of gluttony? Thank you JD for such a powerful sermon on this topic many years ago.
6. Learning to say no. I am learning that I am a person of scheduling, and I am learning how to say no to things so I have time for myself. I love meeting with girls and others but I also know that if I don't have any downtime during the week, life is not pretty.
7. God is so gracious and forgiving. I am not. I am very selfishly motivated in things I do. I am very critical and like to give my opinion. I need to shut up more and grow in wisdom. Would I be considered a person of wisdom? Am I faithful in all things? These passages of women (1 Pet 3, 1 Tim 3, Titus 2, Eph 5) always convict me when I read or study them again. Again, thankful for the Word and the Cross.
8. I am learning I do not like to pray aloud. I like to pray - I pray throughout the day. The other day I was praying for my brother and thought to myself I do not know how to pray in this situation. The Holy Spirit interceeded and I am grateful for that. But, prayer is so intimate, and even when I have a good relationship with the person in whose company I am in, I still don't like to pray aloud. Scripture commands us to in certain situations, but I am definitely more of a prayer journaler or silent pray-er.
9. Discipling the younger generations. This is still my heart. As I see so many areas this younger generation needs help with (many areas I still need help with) I am on the look out for opportunities to serve them, teach them, pour into their lives.
10. Thankful for people who want to be my friend. Not because I offer them something or bring something to the table, but just because. These girls all love me, and all bring out some sort of mercy and grace in my life. Some can call me out on sin more than others. Some add depth to my life. Thankful.
11. I love using this period of my life to travel, enjoy the US, enjoy riding in my car, blessing others with my cooking, having people in my home, pouring into other girls' lives, honing my homemaking skills, enjoying some quiet time with the Lord, watching football, being convicted of sin. Its a good time. We'll see what the next year brings - who knows? That is why I love serving a big God - you never know what He is going to do in your life.


Alvie L. Davidson CG said...

I can only guess why so ministers do not mention the sin of gluttony from the pulpit is that they are so very guilty of that in their own lives. Also it might just be they have not been convicted by the Spirit that there all sins bear equal weight in the eyes of God.

Alvie L. Davidson CG said...

How about my lousy sentence structure?