Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paul Tripp at Sojourn

I got to attend the last session of the Paul Tripp Counseling conference this week at my church (thanks Sojourn for free entry). It was on his new book Broken Down House which I have yet to get just because I'm trying to not spend as much money (but it is on my Amazon Wish List in case anyone out there in Blogland cares to get it for me?...).
This message (I only stayed for first half) was great - I was busily taking notes. Here we go. You may be able to go to the site and hear the msgs once they are up.
Basic Premise of Broken Down House. We live in a fallen world. Things aren't going to go exactly as planned. There is sin. God is bigger. We should rejoice because we know a HOPE greater than the fallenness of this world.
We should (as Christians who love Jesus and His Word) should resist the following:
1. Being Satisfied. We need to be honest and realistic about the world and how it is. We need to learn to weep for the world. We must fight (hear the John Piper language) to be dissatisfied. We need to be glad we aren't devasted in our weeping - we have HOPE! We are at once the saddest and most celebrant community in the whole world. We are both because we have to be dissatisfied with this world and dissatisfied that we aren't in THAT world yet.
2. Spirituality. God's people got so satisfied with distant, impersonal spirituality that they were ok with offering sacrifices to Baal on the way to the Temple. We often mistake commitment to Christianity for commitment to Christ. Unless our commitments to Christianity (church going, witnessing, talking right, not sinning, reading the Bible, etc) results in obedience to Christ in our hearts - then its just stuff. Best thing out of a list was we substitute a system of theology and rules for maturity. I see that around me (and in me at times).
3. Passivity. God calls us to redemptive activity - but we offer excuses. I am too small (like Moses and Gideon). I am too busy (like me). The problem is too big (like Aids in Africa). It is not my problem (like many things in the city you live in).

One of the most convicting thoughts of the night: We can sing one minute songs of praise and worship and then the very next minute be yelling at our kids in the car (or gossiping, or fussing at traffic, etc). Which is more determinate of your heart? (See verse in Bible that asks can blessing and cursing come from the same mouth?).

Paul Tripp is definitely one of my fave authors, in the top 5. He has an amazing grasp of hurt, truth, reality, counseling, wisdom of the Word, etc. If you are really trying to impact your CITY for Christ - read this book!

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