Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Summer Progressive Dinner

Well, this was a non-progressive progressive dinner. The 5 of us got together again for our Spring/Summer version of the progressive dinner. Its been a bit hectic here with mission trips and out of townness - so we had to combine two of the seasons.

Then yesterday with the storms passing through the ville we thought it would be better just to have it all at one house - mine - since I had the main dish. It was fun, but as Laura said, it was less of an event!

I love these friends. We talked about everyone's jobs, church, traveling. Since I had very capable men in my house I asked them to help me figure out my keyboard (moving bookshelves, amps, plugging in things, etc). That was a tremendous help and the evening concluded by me playing the melody of Trust and Obey. I also showed the guys how to do some basic kettlebell moves.

These friends are very encouraging to me and source of God's wonderful grace in my life.

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