Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Francis Chan - 2 Things

Really like this guy more and more - as I read his stuff, listen to him preach (which I've been doing for a while) and just catching little glimpses of what he says.
One of the things he is big about is not having a lot of stuff (riches) and being the church (for savings, etc). Not hoarding but giving - being the local church as in Acts 2.
I've even experienced this this week in little ways. Money has been tight because I'm doing a lot of traveling in the month of August. I was having people over this week. Didn't want to waste gas or money to go buy bread to serve with the Turkey bbq I made. I then remembered that Panera Bread delivers their leftovers here to the seminary on Mondays. I ran down there right before it closed and got 3 french baguettes. Maybe not the bread I would have chosen first, but free and great with bbq. Then, I was looking in my fridge for a jalapeno I needed for the corn casserole (that I thought I had) and couldn't find it. But, I got an email the next day (I was just going to do without it) that a retired prof here at the school brought in many things from his garden - and jalapenos were on the list! :) God is good.
Here is a short 2 minute video from Francis Chan more on this topic. Love it.

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