Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Decade of the New Millenia (Recap)

I don't know if you are one of those people who think 2010 is the beginning of a new decade or that last of the old...nor do I really care (because who really is right?)...
Anyway...I wanted to give you a quick(maybe) recap of the last decade of my life. God has been extremely gracious to me - through trials, blessings, and many moves. Here we go:
1. Started off the year in the world's best beach city. Finishing up being on staff for 2 years at Anastasia Baptist Church. I loved this place, and could have stayed forever - but then the rest of this post would be non-existent. I left shortly after the new year and turning 23 to go to Wake Forest, NC. Leaving mentors, friends, home, Florida sunshine.
2. That first semester was rough: family struggles, weight struggles, new place, new state. I loved seminary and started even then to form crucial relationships. I worked that summer at Centrifuge at Union University (still friends with some people I worked with) and knowing how small of a world it is. I currently work with a guy who is the President's son of Union University, who was a teenager then when the Fuge staff went to their house for a bbq. Fun!
3. Rest of seminary: working my way up through the ranks. I worked keeping score for the intramural football and basketball. Key relationships: the Whites, Ashfords and Greaars, the Hiltons, and Jr. Loved it. Then I worked in the mail room, gym, a VPs office, then another VPs office for a f/t job. I was on student leadership team where I hung out with great guys and got to meet John Piper for the first time. I sang with some great girls and still have a friendship with them. I loved my classes: Nelson, Coley, Reid, Little, Schemm - just some of my faves. Graduated. Had a job at the seminary. Good stuff.
3. Didn't like that job very much...too monotonous, though I worked with some great people. So, the last day of that job, a dude called me from the Summit offering me a p/t job. Didn't pay much, but it was a job. I took it. Then I took another p/t job - my first yeat at Williams-Sonoma, continuing my love affair with cooking.
4. The next two years were hard in the money earning world - but phenomenal in the ministry years. I started going to the Summit in Durham and worked in the college ministry mostly. I had some amazing girls who are still very much a part of my life today. LOVED IT.
4b. Relationships: life is hard with them and hard without them. But, I need to read Tripp's book Relationships: a Mess Worth Making. I have dated a few guys since 2000. First one was confusing, second wasn't healthy at all, third was long and drawn out and very hard, 2 one-daters were not worth making it a 2nd (just because I knew I wasn't going to marry them), and the last was a distance thing and was not worth pursuing anymore. I prayed to God at the end of the long drawn out one that I wouldn't date another guy (seriously) unless He was the one I was to marry. God has faithfully answered that prayer. I have had 3 dates since 2002. That is entirely painful too - for a single woman of almost 33. But, I love the faithfulness and nearness of God.
5. At the end of my time in Durham, I had lost all the weight again, had emergency gallbladder surgery, major mouth work done, and was moving back home to work on finances. Two years of hardly making any money will take its toll on the credit. But, God was gracious even in that.
6. 6 months after being home in Lakeland...I got a call from the President of CBMW and he was offering me a job. 10 days later I moved to a city I had only been to once and knew only 2 families who lived here. The last 2.5 years of my life have been amazing times of friendship and growth for me. The thing I have learned most is that the body of Christ is bigger than the 4 walls of the church. My friends in Raleigh and St. Augustine still have such a major influence in my life and I am thankful for them. I am thankful for the profs and co-workers I have at SBTS.
7. Missions and Ministry: I have spoken for many women's events throughout many states as God has provided those opportunities, and I look forward to doing more in the future. I have worked youth camps and disciple nows. I have been on 5 mission trips: 2 to NYC, Alaska, Thailand, and Indonesia. Amazing times in my life.
8. 2010 will start off a new decade and soon will be a new era in my life. I am looking so forward to the changes that 2010 will bring. All with this in mind: God is still God and He remains the same.
Blessings to you in 2010. Goals are coming tomorrow for the New Year.

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