Saturday, December 19, 2009

Instructing a Child's Heart - Tedd Tripp

The next three months I'll be doing a lot of reading, and I'm glad. 2010 holds a new structure in my reading (but more on that on Jan 1). I cranked this book out in 5 days - mostly last night while working a desk job for 8 hours (after my normal job). I used a lot of red ink in this book: Instructing a Child's Heart. It was good from the get-go. Tedd and Margy Tripp - (brother to Paul David Tripp who is one of my fave author's) wrote a parenting book. Now you may be asking yourself why I'm reading a parenting book - no, I'm not a parent. But, as a gave a shout out on FB - this book is crucial for anyone who knows kids, works with kids, is a parent, wants to be a parent (and by kid I'm meaning B-12th grade).
Here are some of the quotes that I really enjoyed. And, I just want to give you some thoughts to think about - I'm not putting much of my 2 cents worth here. Definitely go get the book - you'll be glad you did!
"In the absence of biblical formative instruction, secular formative instructors take over." (15)
"Formative instruction must be rooted in Scripture." (19)
"The most effective way to teach our children to love the Scripture is to love it ourselves. They will see us longing to read it, hear it, and understand it, and learn that it is valuable." (21)
"We must show our children the vital connection between the powerful story of redemption in the Scriptures and their daily experience." (27) This is why I'm glad I go to Sojourn here in Louisville. I love how the pastors bring every sermon back to the gospel. It has given me a framework to see all of Scripture in light of Jesus and his finished work on the Cross.
"The primary place for children to receive formative instruction is in the home. ______ cannot replace the family. The home is the place where we present a culture that is distinctively Christian." (35)
"Our hope is that the gospel will be the power of God to salvation in their lives as it has been in ours." (43) - See Romans 1.16
"We devote a great deal of time to the outer man, but God is concerned with the heart. Our children will never interpret life correctly until they understand that it is the heart that directs all of life." (53)
"Manipulation of behavior through rewards and punishments will never touch the stony heart." (59)
"Since God is concerned with our hearts as the source of our behavior, it follows that heart change is our most important concern as we instruct and discipline our children, encouraging them to live consistently with God's law." (64)
"We reap in habits for life." (74) - This was valuable to me in all areas of life right now, but especially as we come upon a new year in a few weeks.
"Behaviorism may be popular - it may even work, but it obscures the gospel." (77)
"We are fashioned for the fascination his glory evokes." (94)
"Think of harmless hobbies in which children will invest vast amounts of time. Think of the daydreams that provide excitement to a heart that is not finding true and lasting pleasures in knowing God." (97)
"Sadly, many youth ministries pander to the appetites in young people for the banality of the youth culture. Young people are idealistic and yearning for something grand and glorious that is worth living for." (108)

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