Friday, April 04, 2008

2000 and Beyond Me

Well - I have hit the 2000 mark in views. There is no way to tell how accurate this thing is - but hey, I'll take it. I hope some of you have gotten something out of this blog over the past couple of years. I've realized that the blog entries this week have been about me - a pity party for me if you will.
Today as I finish preparing for a DNOW I'm teaching this weekend at a church in Indiana - these are my thoughts pre-weekend: (I like to journal through teaching times - before, during, and after - to see how God uses me for His glory and what He teaches me in the process)
1. I find I often rely on my strengths instead of relying on the Holy Spirit (crafty teaching, skilled teaching, etc)
2. I don't study for these things as much as I used to - is it because I think I know it so I don't have to study certain things as much?
3. Are these girls going to like me? Will they open up to me? I don't know any of these girls - and yes, I am still female - I wonder about acceptance! But, that doesn't change the fact that I bring the Word hard.
4. Who do I say I am? Where is my security? That is one of the questions that is being asked in the 3rd lesson.
5. Why do I let so many fruitless things get in the way of my daily fellowship with Jesus?
6. Where did habitual prayer go to in my life? How is it different then "pray without ceasing"?
7. Why do I not find joy in daily reading of the Word - not just random reading. It is so good when I do - why don't I always?
8. Why does life seem to be about me lately?

Life should not be about me. I hopefully have an opportunity coming up with some kids I know - what a great opp - can't wait! :) The main message in the last lesson is "how is your life hidden in Christ"? Paul's life was no longer about Paul; it was all about Christ. We see this so clearly in Phil. 2.
What would people say about me? Would they clearly see Christ?

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