Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Excellency of Christ - Jonathan Edwards

I have to read Jonathan Edwards in small doses. That is why I love his sermon reader - a book of quite a few of his sermons. I started reading this one because it was mentioned in a John Piper book I have been reading. Basically - Edwards is contrasting the humanity and divinity of Jesus. But, in doing so - he also affirms how Christ is above all because of these two things. It was a good read. Here are some thoughts:
Christ's meekness: "But Christ, being both God and man, hath both infinite majesty and superlative meekness." This is from whom I need to learn meekness.
"We have dreadfully provoked God, but Christ has performed that righteousness that is infinitely precious in God's eyes." - Oh, the sweetness of us being counted righteous in Christ - that we are made the righteousness of God because of Christ' death on the cross.
JD says that there is no safer place than in Jesus - and also no more dangerous place. "Whatever your circumstances are, you need not be afraid to come to such a Savior as this: be you never so wicked a creature, here is worthiness enough: be you never so poor, and mean, and ignorant a creature, there is no danger of being despised, for though he be so much greater than you, he is also immensely more humble than you." Never thought of benefiting from Christ's humility in that way before.
What a comforting thought: "Tis altogether needless for you to continue laboring and toiling for that which can never serve your turn, seeking rest in the world, and in your own righteousness, I have made abundant provision for you, of that which is really good, and will fully satisfy your desires, and answer your end, and stand ready to accept of you, you need not be afraid; if you come to me, I will engage to see all your wants supplied, and you made a happy creature."
Are you friendless or lonely: "Let what has been said be improved to induce you to love the Lord Jesus Christ, and choose him for your friend and portion." I am singing in my head "I am a friend of God, repeat..."
This is a compelling thought: "One design of God in the gospel, is to bring us to make God the object of our undivided respect, that he may engross our regard every way, that whatever natural inclination there is in our souls, he may be the center of it, that God may be all in all."
May you see Christ in a new way - to see more of His excellencies!

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