Thursday, April 03, 2008


I've been thinking about this word a lot this week (and its been a long drawn out week for me and its not over). Sunday afternoon I'm looking forward to taking a nap - I think?!
Anyway, I love change. Always have. I rearranged my room growing up all the time because it was something new and exciting - even waking up and seeing a different view. We moved into the house my parents still live in when I was 8 months old. The most exciting change ever in my life growing up was a new school year (I love getting the supply list on orientation day) and vacations - which we either took to Vogel State Park in N Ga or to the Suwanee River. I love both of those places. Big change came in my life in high school when I switched churches. But, then that change was over quickly and became pattern again.
The next big change was going off to college - it was only 2 hours away. Then it was moving to NC for seminary - the biggest change of my life up to that point. But even in the tween time - I moved a lot, youth ministry always has a changing schedule, spontaneous is a good word.
Seminary was great because the dorm was always in change - with new people every semester, friends were your friends for that semester, unless you were graced to find ones that lasted all throughout the years. I switched churches 3 times in seminary - never really being satisfied with any of them. After seminary I moved a lot and found a great church, changed jobs, etc.
I also love to travel and go on mission trips and see friends. That brings about an element of change - something to look forward to - to bring excitement.
This last year brought big change as I moved back to FL for a time. Then I was offered a job here in L-ville, a mission trip to NY, a move to an apt, getting lost in a new city.
Now - I'm in a foreseeable future that has no change in it? Yes, I get bored with that. I guess I can move my furniture around - but there aren't many options for that. Maybe that's why I change the books I read so often...Who knows?
But, I have been learning to take one day at a time, rest in today, grace for today, God's got today and tomorrow all planned out - He will let me know when He sees fit.
This I found written by one of my girls from Anastasia - great stuff! She was reflecting on
Psalm 40.8:
So there we have it. Take joy in doing his will. Trust that his instructions and plans are already in place. All we have to do is rest in that and tap into it. No worries about jobs, who we will marry, where we will live, ect. We get to enjoy the journey. That is really exciting if you think about it. So I am talking joy today. I am tapping into peace today and let it rule my heart, which in return rules all around me.

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