Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer Reading 2008

My friend Courtney Tarter offered the suggestion of a reading list this summer. I thought I would take her up on it. I wish I had done this more when I was in seminary, but I didn't. I love to read now - but I also think this is one of the reasons I'll never do a PhD - I like to read what I want to read. I also think it is good to read a variety of books/authors/subjects. I used to be very narrowminded in my reading - but even if you read books you don't necessarily agree with - you better are able to engage the world.
So here goes: (in no particular order)
A Breviary of Sin - Plantinga: This is a book Dr. David Nelson suggested for me to read when I asked him about the doctrine of original sin. This will probably be the most doctrinal book I read this summer (more academic).
A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens: I haven't read a lot of classics in my life because I went to a Christian school and we just didn't have to. JD mentioned this one (and gave away the ending) in his sermon when I was recently in NC - so I thought I would pick it up and hear again a modified story of substitionary atonement.
The Mark of the Lion Series - Francine Rivers: This will be my fun reading for the summer. I love her writings and have heard great things about this series of 3 books.
God is the Gospel - John Piper: What is the good news: God! That is the question John answers in this book - helps us to see. This is part of my study of God personal time this summer (more on that later).
Night - Elie Wiesel: I am completely fascinated about WW2 - I know I'm weird. I love it from a history standpoint, the depravity of man standpoint, a culture standpoint, and want to read biographies of that period of history. This was on Oprah's Book club a few years back and I finally found it at a used bookstore.
The Welcoming Hearth - Elizabeth Skoglund: This is a book on hospitality and what it means to serve family and friends. This is one of the things I believe women are called to be for the glory of God. So, the more I can read and practice - the better.
One Holy Passion - R C Sproul: This is also for the personal times and study of God (mainly through the psalms). RC is a great writer who helps his readers know more about the God they love and serve.
Spiritual Depression - D Martin Lloyd-Jones: CJ mentioned this yesterday in his sermon at New Attitude. I've had this book for a while after I heard John Piper mention it, but finally am going to tackle it. It is 21 sermons that L-J had preached during his life on the spiritual nature of the Christian.
When People Are Big and God is Small - Ed Welch: This is probably going to be the most convicting book I read all summer - but oh, one that I definitely need to read. People pleasing - why is it such a part of what I do?
Reflections on the Psalms - C S Lewis: This is the final book of the personal times series, with some additional help from Bible Doctrines (Wayne Grudem). Since I am reading through the psalms this summer and working on obeying them - I thought I'd pick up this book.

Wow - this is a big list. One that is doable though. If I use my time more wisely than I have been - I could read a lot more!

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