Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day and Psalms 23

First, Valentine's Day. I do love it. Usually I like to babysit for couples with children so they can have a less-expensive date night. And it helps me in my strengthening of marriages - which I like to do. But, the people I was planning on babysitting for get to go out of town tomorrow so they are hanging with their kiddos tonight.
I get to send out special valentines to some of my girls - I love them. I love taking this time to share some of the reasons I do love them!
I get to (this year) be excited for one of my girls and friends and former roomies, Erin, because she got engaged early this morning! :) Happy for Jason and Erin! Can't wait to see you in May!
But, yes it is hard. I've had one Valentines when I was dating someone and it was a hard day in so many ways. But, this year will be good. Working in the housing office, planning my menu this week in order to hopefully be a blessing to others, going for a long run this afternoon in some beautiful weather, grocery shopping, and watching movies. I can't think of a better Saturday (unless I was running in Carolina or in St. Augustine).
And, I was reading Psalm 23 today. Catching up on my Sojourn reading. But, I am reading out of the NLT (yes, I know its not the most accurate, and I usually read the ESV, but for devo reading, I am loving the NLT).
Here are my thoughts:
"The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need." - I don't need anything outside of my Jesus. He is all a girl could want. Now, He does give us desires and fulfills them according to His plans. That is His part of being our Shepherd.
"He lets me rest...he leads me beside peaceful...he guides me along right paths, bringing honor to His name." I am loving my calm life right now. I know God is in control and He is making me be still, giving me a peace about many things in my life right now. I love that. Its been so long since I've been in that peaceful state in all of life.
"My cup overflows with blessings..." - SO MANY! Friends, the Word, 2 great churches in the ville, accountability and friendship, a great job, a place to serve, health, family.
"Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life." - I love the pursuing nature of God's faithfulness. He will not let me go. He will chase after me!
If I want to be pursued by some guy in life - one that will love me, never let me go, never fail me - I do have that pursuer in Jesus. Maybe one day I'll get a second pursuer!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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