Thursday, February 05, 2009

Getty Band at Southern Seminary

I enjoyed a wonderful evening of music, friends, people singing harmonies around me, people expressive in worship, powerful lyrics, amazing instrumentalists, power of God.
If you don't know the Getty music - Keith and Kristyn - then you are missing out. O Church Arise, In Christ Alone, O To See the Dawn, Speak, O Lord, See What a Morning, Beneath the Cross, and many more.
I brought along my little black moleskin and jotted down some things that spoke to me during the night...
"Sweet redeemer" - a name for Jesus. Oh, that Christ would be the sweetest thing in my life - that that would clearly be seen in my daily living. Cool name for Jesus - like Gaynor's "darling of heaven"...
Their portrait in lyrics of Hebrews - that we have a Great High Priest who interceded for us - and because of that we can boldly approach the throne of grace as Hebrews says. "We draw near through the Christ who saves us." Yes, Christ saved us with His finished work on the cross. But, Christ also saves us every day - from ourselves, from death, brings us into sanctification with our relationship with Him.
"Eternity's resplendant theme" - I loved that line. Thinking that one day all I will do is be consumed with Christ - that I will see and know and love my Christ so much more than I do now. That I will be able to sing, and never be off key, never get hoarse, always know the song. That He will be one we are focused on. That we will reign with Him as co heirs! Why would He share that with us?
Kristyn read from the passage in the gospels where Jesus calmed the sea. "There was a calm." I want my life to mirror that verse. I want people to look at my life, know me, live alongside of me in community, and know that I exemplify that calm. That I would be the gentle and quiet spirit. That God would grow that in me and I would deny self to go against that.
My 2009 verse of Dt 30.19-20 came out tonight - "may this journey bring a blessing." As I was watching Les Mis the other night, I thought again of how every word we utter can bring life or death to the hearers. I want to be a blessing to everyone I come in contact with. How far I am from that! Spirit - come control my tongue and Spirit.
Some of their songs concentrated on Phil 1.6 - that He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it. Oftens times I don't see the work - I don't know what the work is - but help me Holy Spirit to believe in the promise that you will be faithful to keep. Help me not need to know and see the work - just be faithful to believe that you will accomplish what you want and have for me to accomplish.
"For death's dark night is overcome." There are so many hardtimes that my friends are facing right now: sickness, family illnesses, death, divorces, no jobs, no money, transitions, losing babies - and you know what - in all of that - death's dark night is overcome - by the power of the Cross. See, what a morning.
O To See the Dawn.
Amazing stuff. Amazing fiddler. A female vocalist who rivals Christy Nockels. Friends beside me who make it fun to worship with great harmonies and expressiveness.
Good stuff.

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