Monday, February 09, 2009

Living Life "Pharoah, Pharoah" style

During the sermon last night at Sojourn, I thought of the youth song we used to sing "Pharoah, Pharoah, o baby, let me people go, ugh" - complete with arm motions and everything. But, the song was just a passing thought - definitely more convicted by the Word that was preached than by the cheezy song.
Daniel Montgomery, pastor of Sojourn Community Church, is preaching through the OT in 2009. It has been great and convicting so far. I am thoroughly enjoying the series and growing from it.
Here are some points from last night:
"If Tomorrow Never Comes" - think Garth Brooks, late 80s when that song came out. Ok, songs are stuck in my head right now. Or how about Little Orphan Annie singing "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow" - or for that matter, Tom Hanks' Aunt in You've Got Mail singing that song. Don't know which is worse!
Anyway, I digress. In the plagues, specifically the plague of the frogs....Think about it - frogs everywhere. I mean everywhere. Magicians of Pharoah - they just make more frogs to prove their power. And Pharoah gets fed up with all the croaking (probably couldn't sleep or do much else for that matter). So, he tells Moses to call upon his God and get them out of his country. So, Moses just tells him to name the day. So, what do you think Pharoah says "right now, this instance" - NO. He says "Tomorrow." Are you for real? Seriously...(Exodus 8)
But, how often do we as Christians live in the foolish world of tomorrow. Meaning, we'll keep on sinning, living foolishly, living like Pharoah (not really convinced of the Lordship of Christ) today - but tomorrow we'll change, we'll want things differently.
This usually goes for people around New Years with all the resolutions. But, it can go for any day. Whether in spending, eating, exercising, not spending time in the Word, watching things you shouldn't, etc. How do you need to stop living like Pharoah TODAY?
Exodus - the book as a whole - (just like all of Scripture) is a story about God's Redemption, God's Power, and God's choosing a people. Simple.
Music - you knew there had to a point to all the music thoughts? Right? I know two of the songs we are going to be singing in Heaven - and I can't wait to get there and sing them. The Song of Moses (Exodus 15) and the Song of the Lamb (Revelation). So, we need to memorize Scripture now. My question - will the Holy Spirit need to bring to our remembrance (John 14-16) those verses, what version will they be in, do the Saints in Heaven sing in KJV, NIV, ESV, NLT, NAS, NKJV, Message, JBPhillips, etc? Of course, I hope you hear the sarcasm. But, the point is still made. We will be singing in heaven, we will be worshipping the only Risen Lamb, Jesus, and we will get to do it forever!
So excited!
You can hear the mesage here.

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