Saturday, January 31, 2009


I do believe this is my favorite book by the Apostle Paul. How do you say that for certainty? I like them all - and as I study them individually they all have their wonderful-ness. But, I have always loved Colossians.
Dustin, my pastor, is starting a series on this tomorrow. Well, actually - it was scheduled for tomorrow but with 'Ville Ice 09 we are just meeting together in our community groups tomorrow and reading through the book. How impactful is just the reading of Scripture.
Two of the most memorable worship times in my life were because of the reading aloud of the Word of God. Passion 2000, in Germantown, TN, before it actually began...they had a group of people reading through the Psalms. Yes, all of them. Nothing else - just the psalms. Being read aloud to prepare our hearts to worship our God.
The second time was earlier this fall here in a chapel service at Southern. David Platt, pastor of Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham. He spoke from Romans 1-9. Not just spoke from it, quoted the whole thing, not using the Word. The power of the Spirit was all in that chapel like I've not felt it before in any chapel service I've been a part of. Why - I think? Because the Word of God was placed center stage - where it should be.
So, why do I like the book of Colossians so much...I love the Christ hymn in chapter 1. I love the command and the scrutiny of the beginning of Colossians 3. Amazing book. I'm looking forward to studying it along with my church, Crossing gathered.

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