Monday, January 12, 2009

Mercy, Grace, Giving, OT, and "Be Merciful to Me"

Last night I heard a new-to-me song. It is on Caedmon's second In the Company of Angels CD. But, very simple and lyrically rich - thought I would add them here:
Be Merciful to Me - Randall Goodgame

Out of the deep I call,
to thee oh Lord to thee
Before thy throne I fall

Be merciful to me
Be merciful to me
Be merciful to me
Through shadow dark and valley deep
Be merciful to me

From the garden to the cross
Thy mercy did endure
My soul purged of all dross
In blood made pure

Thy mercy lord is true
As ever truth shall be
And still I cry for you
Be merciful to me

Yesterday morning, Dustin preached from 2 Cor 8-9 about giving out of a grateful heart in response to the grace we have been given - in abundance. These were the key words I wrote down: grace (8.1), abundance (8.2), beyond their means (8.3), act of grace (8.6), EXCEL in this act of grace (8.7). These were very convicting to me. "How do I excel in this act of grace?" was my question to myself. The follow-up question to that was "How can my giving out of grace be a blessing to others?"
Then last night the second message from the BC series at Sojourn. I really hadn't seen so much grace in the 3rd chapter of Genesis before. We often hear it as the "First Gospel" or something to that effect, but last night the richness of grace came through. God curses Satan, but as Daniel pointed out - He didn't curse Adam and Eve - He cursed the ground, he said childbearing would be painful, that marriage would be hard, etc. But, he gave us grace. Also, to point out that death is grace. We don't have to live forever in this sinful atmosphere and culture. We can die and if saved only by Jesus - we can be in a perfect place that Matthew West sings so wonderfully about in "There Will be a Day". God is so gracious. I look forward to reading through the rest of the OT this year, then hearing it preached - so I can continue to learn more about grace in the OT. I call it underlying grace.
This song above was pre-sermon at Sojourn last night. I have no right in and of my own merit to stand and even sing with hands lifted to the Holy Creator of Everything God. That alone is mercy because I should receive death. But instead, I can call out to Him, plead with Him to show me mercy - and He gets blessed and He is magnified when I do that (see famous John Piper line).
I left renewed in grace last night. Loved the sermons yesterday that focused on grace.
"Your Sovereign bounty is the spring, where all my blessings flow. My God your benefits demand more praise than I can give." - Maker and My King - Sojourn.

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lani said...

There Will Be A Day...LOVE that song!!