Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday: Carolyn Mahaney

"The commands found in Titus 2 have been given to us for an all-important reason that transcends time and culture. That reason is the gospel of Jesus Christ. These virtues are not about our personal fulfillment or individual preference. They are required for the sake of unbelievers - so that those who are lost might come to know our Savior. How exciting it is to think that we can actually commend the gospel! As verse 10 says, we can adorn the gospel with our lives. To "adorn" means to put something beautiful or attractive on display - like placing a flawless gemstone in a setting that uniquely shows off its brilliance. The gospel is like the most vaulable of jewels. It is the pearl of great price. Make no mistake, by adorning the gospel, we are not enhancing or improving it. The gospel cannot be improved! But by cultivating the feminine qualities listed in Titus 2, we can present the gospel as attrative, impressive, and pleasing to a watching world."
Feminine Appeal (p 26, 27)

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