Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Prayer of Exhaustion

Father -
Today has been a day of complete exhaustion. People all day. Failure some of the day. Body tiredness. Muscle soreness. People pleasing. Receiving. Giving. Breathing heavy sighs of relief. You are the God who gives Grace to explore all of that and make it through. But, God just not make it through - but succeed in bringing you glory through all of that.
God, I want to please you more and more in my life. I want you more than ever. You are the only one who will not leave me. You are the one who has everything I want in life. You are my sustainer. You sanctify yet you love me exactly like I am. You accept my imperfections and all and yet want me to live in accordance with your Holy Word.
God, may the Words of SCripture be so clustered within me that I just say them and mean them and live by them, receive my rebuke and my correction from them, use them to mold me and break me of my sin. May what is in me come out - may my heart be purfied by your living and active word.
God - let me live pleasing to you in these areas:
1. In being diligent - not just busy, but using my time wisely and being productive for your glory.
2. In getting up on time. Not pressing the snooze alarm. By even using my morning hours for your glory and the benefit of my home that you have given me.
3. In kindness and grace coming out of my mouth - at all times. Even when I am upset - I want to spout grace and breathe grace and being a gentle and quiet spirit.
4. In my body and how I take care of it - not how i eat because I'm exhausted just to eat - but that I continue to eat for fuel for living - not living to eat or eating a ton just because. Help me to be mindful that you are in control of what I put in my mouth - that I may even eat to your glory.
5. That I may be obedient to the relationships that you have called me to. That I would exhort those who need exhorting, learning from those who i need to learn from, and dispense grace. May I grow in selflessness - and patience, and learning that you are in control of all my relationships. You will allow some to grow, some to fade. Do not let me live in Gen 3 land. Be in control - don't let me take control.
6. Help me to live in 1 Peter 3 land - of the gentle and quiet spirit and not the braiding of hair. You are the giver of all good things when it comes to my outside life and I want to live it in accordance with your word.
God - I do want to be a gentle and quiet Spirit. I want to breathe grace. I want to live in your spirit and by your Spirit and not live or walk by my flesh which I do so often. Help me to shut my mouth more and breathe in more of your grace. Speak more of your grace. but not just speaking your grace - but being grace-filled - so it is just who I am - because you have so much control over me.
God - I can't do this in and of myself. You are so much higher than me. I am often like the Israelites who do well for a bit and then turns and please other gods. those other gods have nothing on you. The gods of people pleasing, gods of perfect self, the gods of knowing everything and not taking correction or critique - you are the ONE TRUE GOD!
God - may I be your daughter - learn from you, draw close to you. Love you - live you - breathe you.
Jesus - you are the one who lives to intercede for me - I thank you.

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Peggy said...

Bless you kd...I have a blogger friend who needed prayer, especially for EXHAUSTION and I am so thankful that I encountered your blog and this prayer. I gave it to her...and I prayed but this truly was helpful.

I have been looking around your blog at PRAYER and now PERSONAL WORSHIP!

I love what you share and write and have bookmarked your blog. Though you have been blogging much longer than I, I was blessed going back in your archives and so glad they were still here even though I read that you have condensed blogs...on a 2010 post. I have 4 distinct blogs but 2 are team blogs!

I love your prayer and how you specifically focused on areas... much better when we write them and speak forth God's Word or allow His word to form our prayers!

I just really wanted to thank you and let you know how this prayer was the best I googled & really blessed me so I can bless my exhausted, burned out friend from her's gone on far too long! May God bless you and your weekend worship with Him!