Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Re:Think Recap

I was honored to be at the Re:Think Conference in Raleigh this past weekend. This is the second conference at Providence Baptist Church. Last year I live blogged the main sessions - this year I just sat back and pulled nuggets away that I wanted to share with you.
Blake Hickman was the MC for the day and the Shelly Moore Band led us in the worship for the day.
David Horner - the senior pastor of Providence (and founding pastor) started off the day.
1. 1 Thessalonians - "kindle afresh". Pray that God would renew us to our calling. This is a conference on family ministry and the church - especially how to do youth ministry in light of the family. But, even in general things - God, please renew afresh in me the joy of my salvation!
2. Dt 11.2 - How is the fear of God and the awe of God on display in your life? In your kids' lives? What am I presenting to the world? This will also come out later in one of the songs we sang at the evening session. Good question to always be asking ourselves.

Steve Wright - Student Pastor at Providence and author of ReThink and ApParent Privilege, and husband to Tina (which I know he'll say is his greatest asset!). Privileged to know this man and call him a friend. He has been a great source of wisdom and kindness to me in the past 2 years I've known him.
1. I need to make the Lord my friend - this only comes with the gospel and humility.
2. As a youth pastor - what am I doing that is helping my students treasure Christ above all else? I can say this for a woman ministering to others - either in daily relationships, facebook relationships, phone conversations, speaking engagements, or writing. How do I do this - what am I treasuring above all else and how am I helping women get there too?
3. I need to hold the gospel dear! Not programs, or ways of doing ministry, or churches, etc - but the gospel needs to be the dearest thing to me - the thing I speak mostly of.
4. All the world has to offer is fleeting. I thought about this on the way home. My bag that I was traveling with was given to me by my mom - she got it for free. It ripped wide open when I get off the escalator in RDU. Thankfully, a friend was standing right there to offer assistance (God ordained for him to be waiting for his wife to land at that exact time) - but during my flight I was wondering if my bag would make it. And honestly - all that stuff doesn't matter - but all my makeup was in there, my camera, my toiletries, stuff I had bought over the wknd (great evoo from Southern Season) - I didn't want to lose it. And I was very thankful when it came around the luggage conveyor at SDF!

Dave Owen - College Pastor at Providence. On the flight out there from ATL to RDU a guy sat in front of me who was so excited he was going to get to hear Dave Owen on Sunday - he had such a tremendous impact on this young guy's life - he is now serving in Sweden with Campus Crusade.
1. At meals - their kids pray for missionaries and countries all over the globe. How do they remember to do that? Their placemats are maps of the world. They pray for these folks strategically. Teaching his kids - even as young as they are - to have a heartbeat for the world.

David Michael - Children Desiring God - Bethlehem Baptist Church. He spoke with much conviction when he would read the Word. You could tell he treasured the words of God!
1. Ps 19.12-13. I have really been praying this lately. All of my life is clouded with sin right now because I am a sinner (saved by grace), but I live in the flesh until I am set free from this bondage and am in Heaven. All my good works are even as filthy rags. But, God is renewing me and sanctifying me daily! I am so glad of that.
2. Let me know get discouraged and lose heart - don't even let me be tempted to lose heart in ministry. God has called us to something higher - rather than the world's standards of ministry.

Randy Stinson - Dean of the School of Church Ministries at SBTS, and President of CBMW. I have had almost 2 years of working for this man. I enjoy my job. He is a man of integrity.
1. The family can't impede the gospel. I want my life, and hopefully one day my family, to be such a light for the gospel that it will not be harmed because of what I do.
2. Jokes about Dad are not a way to edify the family or the church. Most sitcoms are based on putting down the dads. This is not a way to live. We should be building up, praying for, etc the Dad's - as they seek to be the head of their homes.
3. Do I live in the now or in the light and hope of eternity?

The Shelly Moore Band was great. Here are some random thoughts from the songs:
1. The King of Glory poured out - victorious are we now. The only way I am victorious over the sins that plague me and haunt me daily - is through the blood of Jesus. How precious is that!
2. "Redeeming love has been my theme, and shall be till I do." Let me glory in that alone!
3. May the folks I see and come in contact with see a liberated person in Christ! To See Christ!

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