Monday, July 06, 2009

So Called "Expert" Advice from the Bartender

It was magazine day last week. I had 4 magz in my box and got the chance to glance through them then read them a bit closer during dinner meals (one good thing to eating by yourself most of the time - you can multitask).
I came across this article in the August 2009 Bon Appetit. Honestly, what caught my eye was the look of this woman. She is a my age-ish bartender in Boston. She is dressed mostly in black (with a white shirt, sorta tuxedo-ish). She has a beautifully crafted tattoo of a bird or chicken taking up her right arm. She has a beautiful smile and short black hair. My first thought was, man, that is definitely not what a biblical woman dresses/looks like. Than I thought "I don't even know this woman, who am I to judge?" I thought to myself would people who don't even know me, look at me, and think I am a biblical woman? More importantly - would they, after knowing me, think I am a biblical woman? Don't know if I want to know the answer to either of those questions.
Now I was intrigued, and kept reading the interview. The last question - here you go:
Q - As a Harvard Divinity School graduate, have you found any parallels between religion and cocktails?
A - Humans seek comfort in many ways, two of which are the rituals of organized religion and the rituals of social drinking. Martin Luther wrote who loves no woman, wine, and song remains a fool his whole life long."

Couple of thoughts:
1. She is right
2. Unfortunately
3. Hopefully your relationship with Jesus, my relationship with Jesus - is more than the rituals of organized religion
4. Nice use of the ML quote
5. Would any SBCers agree with that Martin Luther quote?

So, if you are ever in Boston, head to Drink on Congress Avenue and you may be able to strike up a conversation about cocktails and religion with their bartender.

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