Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July Wknd

I spent the 4th in Indiana chilling at a friend's apt because they were out of town and I got to go up there. I was so thankful for that. What a great time of chilling in the Word, reading various chapters from various books, relaxing, cooking good food, etc. As I've been reading others' blogs this morning - I'll post in bullet format - because sometimes its just easier!

* It was nice to sleep past 7am each morning. I got up at 945 on Saturday and 915 on Sunday morning. It was still quiet with no delivery trucks or garbage trucks or lawn mowers or air conditioners or cars that need new mufflers. I was very thankful for that!

* Steak and smores and black bean burritos. This is pretty much what I had for my 4th food. I made a great pot of black/pinto/kidney beans with lime and garlic. Yummy on burritoes with some pepperjack cheese. I grilled ribeye for dinner on the 4th and had an indoor homemade smore! I've been craving one and it was so yummy and delicious with gooey-goodness!

* I spent my time in the Word this wknd in Ps 143-147 - journaling through it, singing, thinking through what God was saying to me. Its been good to be going through the OT at church, thinking about all the idols. God was pointing me to things that I had placed my hope in - things other than Him. But, he kept pulling me back to how happy and blessed are those whose hope is completely in HIM. God is gracious to me.

* I so am an introvert. Most people really don't believe that. But, I spent 48 hours this wknd not seeing a single person. My only contact with the outside world was the occasional text msg and Food Network. I LOVED it. I just didn't really want to return. I told my neighbor when I got back from church that I had to get used to talking to people again. It was so nice to be quiet and alone for 48 hours!

* Books written by Elyse Fitzpatrick, Paul David Tripp, and Ed Welch need to be read by everyone! I love these authors. Paul David Tripp is doing a conference in August at Sojourn. Hopefully I'll get to go to one of the evening sessions on his new book (can't wait to read, but have no money to buy books right now). I heard Elyse Fitzpatrick last spring on her new book. Ed Welch is just used mightily to convict. All of these authors are. Counselors who rely on the Word as their means of change - good stuff!

* It was a cool wknd. I was very thankful to be in a house where I didn't need the ac and I wasn't sweating. Thankful for the rain and the low 70s temps. Quite a change.

* Carpet! I loved it. I loved sitting on the floor and being comfortable. I like hardwood floors, but I love carpet! Why? Because I love to sit on the floor.

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