Friday, July 24, 2009

Women in the SBC

Much in the news lately about former President Jimmy Carter and his leaving the SBC church in GA he was a member of because of their position on women in leadership in the church. So, here we are again. Some people think the Gender debate is old news and not very relevant any more. But - it SO IS! This needs to be discussed in our churches, our homes, our families, our communities.
Here are some thoughts:
1. Scripture teaches that men and women are created equal in the sight of God but with different functions (Gen 1-3).
2. Scripture also teaches that in the local church, men are to serve as the head (1 Tim 3).
That is really what the whole argument of women leading the local church boils down to.
These next few points are for ladies.
I used to think that teaching men was the one thing I wanted to do - or at least be up in front of everyone talking, leading a youth group (full of young men), etc.
But, why do we aspire to be leaders of the church - the teaching elders of a church?
Sin - That part in Genesis 3 where we desire to rule over our husbands and where we seek to form our own heart idols - our little g gods. We want to, in our flesh, usurp God's authority and His Word in our lives.
Do we not think that the following is just as good of a role to accomplish and fulfill?
1. Being a wife and a mother - teaching our children to fear God, loving and helping our husbands (Eph 5, 6)?
2. Training the younger women to love their husbands, have solid doctrine, be wise and smart in things of the home (Titus 2, Prov 31)
3. Training children in the local church - VBS, weekly children's time, etc.

These are the things that are beautiful. We, as women, should not desire to be the pastors and men-teachers in the local church. We should love to be what God has called us to be - nurturers of our home, lovers of our husbands, and most importantly lovers of God, passionately loving Jesus, making Him gloriously known throughout the world, and to be Christ-followers - humbled by grace.

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