Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I've been thinking about this the past couple of days.
The holidays are a time for food cravings: eggnog, gingerbread, cranberries, mint, etc. There are some tastes that only can be had when it is cold outside
But, there are other cravings too.
I had one filled the other night by having dinner at a home (not an apt), with a family (not by myself), that was a real meal (meat and potatoes type thing). It was delicious, company was great. Much needed and sad to have gone for so long without it. A family - Mom, Dad, kid...that was great. All church families need to hook up single people with them and "adopt them". Not just college kids!
I was reading an email from a pastor of a church plant in White Plains NY the other day. A lady in their new church had the church over for dinner. In a busy metro place like NY a woman filled a need and some cravings by having fellowship and community in her home: by practicing hospitality. I guarantee there were people there who hadn't sat down to a meal all week - always eating on the run or grabbing a bagel at the corner bakery. Oh, the power of homecooked meals and fellowship.
Last night I made mac and cheese - the blue box kind. It was good. I hadn't had it in so long, someone at work mentioned it, and I wanted it. So, I'm glad I had a box. My roommate helped me eat some of it. I also made some homemade popcorn - which is much better than out of a bag (thanks Vern).
But...there is a spiritual craving I've been lacking lately. I'll lay down to read the Word and there is no drive for me to read it. I go through periods like this. I hate it. Ps 84, Ps 37, Ps 27, Ps 86 - all these talk about portions, cravings, desires, one thing...that is what I want. Why can't it be satiated just like my "need" for mac and cheese. My need for the Word and for fellowship with my Jesus is much more important than having those "blue box blues".
Just thought - may you crave the Savior this holiday season. He won't add pounds to your hips either! :)

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