Sunday, December 31, 2006

Late December B-days

Well, there have been a lot of b-days of important people in my life here in the latter days of 2006. Thought I would give them something here, not much and it doesn't cost a thing...
On the left as the bride - is Davia. Her b-day was Friday. She is now married and living up where she belongs, in the cold, almost where she grew up, outside the state of FL. This was taken at her wedding in September a couple of years ago. She has a little baby boy born this year. Davia - I hope this year is one of family, learning, and growth for you.
Next is Devan. She is one of my "girls" from my youth ministry days in St. Aug. I can't wait to go back to FL just to get to hang out with her more than once a year. God is doing so much in her life and I can't wait to see what God does this year. Dev - keep trusting, believing, and serving.
On the right is Michelle. She in one year, started dating her husband again, got engaged, moved back to NC, got married, and now is a crucial part of life here in NC for many people, but most importantly her hubby. This picture was taken at the rehearsal of the wedding of the century. Mg - I hope this year brings you additions to your family, love from your husband, and great cooking experiences as you bake and serve others with that. Sorry I am moving away from you - thank goodness for emails (if you ever check them).
Last, without a picture (b/c I don't have any on here from college), is Ame. She is the area director for Young Life Seminole County, FL. She loves youth - they are her passion, and she is very good at it and loved in return. She lived down the hall from me my freshman year of college, and we became friends. We've stayed friends and Ame - I'm looking forward to getting back within an hour of you so we can actually hang out! I wish you success in YL and in life as your pursue faithfulness and God.
Happy Birthday girls!

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Laura said...

and happy early january birthday to YOUUUU miss kim!!!!! :)
didn't know davia moved. . .had been wondering why we hadn't heard a word since baby was born! guess she has been a littttle busy!!!
love you moooooooo!