Monday, December 18, 2006

The Incarnation

Surprises me every year...
Reading John 1 today...
He gave up everything to come bridge the gap that we caused by our sin. All according to God's plan. He didn't buck at the idea - he came and dwelt to show us God's glory.
When I don't desire things of God - which is right now, just not wanting, desiring, craving, to read the Word, anything...He does. He, on earth, desired to pray to His Father, commune with His Father.
Now we could say this is all because He was God - rightly so. But, Jesus was also completely human - that meant he had the same flesh we did, but was without sin. He chose to deny flesh - so can I.
He called me out of this world, out of the flesh, out of giving in to my desires - He called me out to follow Him (just like He did the disciples in John 1).
Let my flesh be weak - in grace and mercy alone. Give me right desires - from Stuff that fulfills - not filling life with fleeting things...

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