Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam's Sadness

Following breaking news (since work is so boring), I have been reading about the impending hanging of Saddam. I don't remember much time in my life w/o Saddam being the "big story" - at least since the early 90s (when I really followed news reports).
Yes, what he did was grevious to say at least - definitely horrible against humanity - killing over 100 people just recently, not to mention all the war crimes that were committed by his command. But, I can only think one thing (and start to cry over it).
More than likely (since only God knows the hearts of man) - Saddam is less than 30 days (more than likely 1 day) away from spending an eternity in hell. He will meet His MAKER and He will say depart from me, I never knew you. What will Sadam say then - he won't be able to say anything.
As I look at pictures of him that are on Fox and CNN, I see a man that at any moment will spend the rest of time (which I can't even fathom) in a place of continual torture (beyond anything he ever made) by fire. That brings sadness to me.
He is evil - yes. So am I - and my only way out of hell is by the purchased blood of Jesus - for that I am eternally grateful and redeemed. Did anyone ever share with Saddam? I wonder? I wonder what it was like for Christians to hear of the death of Hitler? Were they saddened or glad? Bittersweet maybe?
Think about it - any thoughts?

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