Friday, June 27, 2008

Jill McCloghry - Amazing Girl and Song/video

This girl - and song - is amazing. I've known Jill since she was in 7th grade - have watched her grow, sing, struggle, grow, lean on Jesus, learn about Jesus, grow in Jesus, grow, struggle, keep growing and loving Jesus - she is great.
She is now way too far away from her "home" - living in Australia with her husband Matt.
This story of this song took place this February.
I love Psalms 34.1-3. My worship leader at the Summit embed it in our memories, quoting it often. This girl is a living breathing testimony of it. I pray as you watch this video - that you will look at the hard times in your life the same way. She sings truth! She is an amazing girl and someone I love (and miss) dearly. She exudes Jesus and devotion to Him when she sings/plays. Love you Jilly. Thanks for being an example of someone who loves Jesus and praises Him even in the crying times.

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