Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Presidential Voting Come November

What should be the determining factor on why we should vote for a President?
I heard David Horner, pastor of Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, say "its all about me - what can you do for me" as the question most people use to mark their ballot. Is that why we should vote?
With Obama winning the Democratic nominee (whatever that means) last night, I have seen many blogs that state how that is such a great news. All based on the fact that he is African-American (along with many other backgrounds) and that he is now running for president. On a purely racial standpoint - I think that is great. I don't think it should be a matter of skin color if you get in Office or not. But - is that a reason to vote for a president?
Now, if an African American is running and he is better qualified than the other candidates - I'll vote for him. But, I'm not going to vote for him primarily on skin color. That is what I fear many will do come November. And based on Obama's age.
Is McCain older - yes. That is a given fact. But, he has years more experience than Obama. I'm not arguing that his experience is great - but he has more of it. .
It seems like we want a president who can be our pal and do things we want - even while killing babies and raising taxes.
What should the goal of the president be? Some, but not all, should be: to make America better (both now and in the future), to allow Americans to make an impact on the world, to lead a people who is diverse and multi-cultural/racial/religious, etc.
I know there will always be taxes, issues with health care, problems with wars in the world - it is all part of the world we live in.
I want to know 2 main things when I go to the voting precinct in November: who will allow babies to be born - is there a candidate who will put an end - or head in that direction - to abortion. And who has the better character? Character is not told in their tax history, their income, their stance on war...
And this year - those two questions might not be able to be answered. This is honestly the first year I remember where I do not believe we have a good candidate running for President.
But, what does that mean I do.
It means:
1. Vote anyway - make the most educated decision I can.
2. Pray for whoever wins. Romans 13 and Psalm 2 say that God is Sovereign even over the kings (our President) and has placed all government in place.
3. Do not "bad-mouth" whoever wins. I can not poke fun at, join in on jokes, slander, or anything on whoever is my next president. That is questioning the Sovereignty of God.
4. I must remember that God is ultimately in charge of this country and world. I obey Him.
Start thinking now as to how God would have you vote in November. This is going to be an election for the history books.

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