Monday, June 16, 2008

"Don’t let summer make your soul shrivel"

This is a Piper quote that I found today on They've been running a series, mostly for young families (though not designed that way) on summer fun, food, family activities, learning activities, etc. This was today's.
I really like this quote - even though I'm probably not doing too great it right now.
I am reading two books: A Passion for God - a biography on A.W. Tozer - so far it is great. I love biographies. And A Godly Man's Picture is the book I'm using the supplement my Psalms reading in the Word for my quiet time - this is a great book - thanks to Mike Hall for recommending it.
I'm still in the search for a church as well - that hasn't helped my soul all year since moving here - maybe by fall I'll have a better idea. This weekend I'll be at Clifton near campus.
One practical discipline I am engaging in this summer is hospitality. I am trying to plan my schedule so I can have one friend or couple over for dinner each week. This allows me to keep practicing my cooking, but also do better at engaging people, getting to know them, give them grace as they have shown me, etc. This week I am making dinner for a new prof and his family and having lunch with a girl from GA and then ending the week with dinner with Ali - a new friend who is dating an old friend.
So, what are you doing this summer to "not let your soul shrivel"?

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