Monday, November 06, 2006

Ruth and Football

Boy, when you wake up late in the morning, and you are not even in your own house (housesitting) - it doesn't make for a very calming, healthy morning. But, all is well, I am at work...
But...the weekend was very successful.
The Women's Conference went very well. Between 15-20 ladies there, good fellowship. My prayer was that I could relate to them and my stories of how God had rescued me from idolatry and bitterness even in the last few months and weeks seemed to work. Thank you God for allowing me to relate to these women.
Did some good clearance shopping at some Kohl's this weekend and got some great deals by adding at 15% coupon to it.
Charlie did a great job in collegeLife on 1 Kings. It was great! some people have that gift of cramming it all in in 25 minutes. Great job on application as well.
Went to the 2nd best Chinese place in the state of NC. Charlie's is my fave place in Chapel Hill. But, Maggie and I went to the place I found before Charlies - Chens. It is in Franklinton out north of Youngsville. People from Faith and I would go there after church in seminary. I took my Mom there once and we got the General Tso's chicken - my fave (but not healthiest). Yesterday I didn't get the Tso's - I got broccoli with garlic sauce and white rice - yummy! :) It was good - not as hot as Charlie's which I would have liked, but it was good. I'll get to Charlie's my last week in the state with my friend Mollie.
Football was good this weekend too. Gators won, Michigan and OSU both had a run for their money, Tenn lost so we get to play Dec 2. Thanks LSU! Bucs lost - but at least they showed up for about 5 minutes, but that of course isn't long enough. Miami beat the previously unbeaten Bears - go fins and Jason Taylor on a pick. Then, the Colts finished the weekend off with a win in the game of the weekend - they beat the Patriots. now, most will say the Patriots didn't really play their game, but the fact remains is P.Manning won and the Colts are the only still unbeaten team! :)

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