Thursday, November 02, 2006

Week in review: weekend in anticipation

Well, it has definitely in an Indian summer this week as we have had the time change here in NC. It has been in the mid-high 70s all week but due to be not even out of the 50s for the weekend. Oh, well.
It has been a great week. Ok at work - but what is new.
Great time cooking with my girls on Tuesday for Reformation Day (ok, Halloween for most of the world). Have you seen Luther (the movie)? Do you know what the staples of the Reformation are? You need to - they are very important. We baked very good things - check out the food blog.
Went to lunch with a friend of mine - Claudia. Lucky 32 - you can check out my review on the food blog as well. Then I house sat for a lady - very relaxful - watched the Gators win, but they didn't look great against a very poor offensive UGA team. But, we won. We are still in the hunt against the BCS. All of us 1-loss teams gotta hang together!
The Bucs did horrible - they lost. But, they are still my team. Some changes are going to have to be made for them to start winning decidedly - don't know what those changes are. I really like Monte Kiffen - Jon Grudem not so much. Maybe they need to take some offensive pointers from the boys of old FL. Defensive from the veterans at Miami Dolphins. The Colts won though - they looked pretty good. Do they ever play Chicago - I think I know who would win. That would be the first time I've pulled for a UT guy over a FL guy - just love Peyton in every area (except college alma mater) over Rex Grossman.
Personal Worship time has been great. Praying for many things for people - but I love praying Scripture for other people: friends and family. Wisdom, marriages, boldness, patience, purity...all these things can be found in Scripture. The nearness of God is my good - help me to remember that statement from the psalmist in 73. It is one of my fave psalms. Valley of Vision and Oswald have said some very good things this week.
Getting prepared to speak to a group of ladies at Faith Baptist in Apex where Frank and Kasey serve. Speaking this weekend on Ruth: God kindness in the midst of trials. I love studying the Word - going in depth through it - how many little wonders come out and I get to pass it on. This is my favorite thing I do: maybe not - cooking with my girls is awesome too!
Go Gators this weekend: Vanderbilt. Go Bucs and Colts! Gators bb won tonight - they play again Sunday. I get to go the Duke game on Saturday night. Good weekend - plus housesitting.
Oh, this picture was taken in my friend Claudia's driveway in south Durham - this is one thing I will miss about this state when I leave - but that is what vacations are for!
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