Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Weight of Sin

I would have to say the tangible sin I struggle with the most is my addiction to food - its real player that it is in my life. (the non-tangible ones are pride and idolatry - those I deal with everyday).
I was reading in Piper's new book today about repentance. Some of the verses he uses are "come unto me, all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." "I am the living water, drink from me and you will never thirst again." "Hunger and thirst for righteousness." I immediately was convicted and overwhelmed with the weight of sin - literally.
I struggle with weight, losing it, gaining it, knowing why I eat, what drives me to work out, why I don't work out, clothes, the appearance, the judging of others either thinner or heavier than I am (that's everyone by the way).
But, God grants rest from that in His grace. Under the burden and weight of the cross is freedom. Freedom from the struggle of weight.
I want to come to the realization of that freedom in this area. It is tough - but Christ is bigger.
Whatever sin that may be heavy to you - let go of it - you don't have to carry it any further. God's freedom is Christ.

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