Friday, November 24, 2006

What are you thankful for?

As I sat down with Ps 136 on this less hectic day after T-day: I found a lot to be thankful for:

My salvation - full and free
My parents - gracious and believing
My family - accepting
My friends - pushing, believing, edifying
The Word - hearing the very Word of God and in a world of lies knowing I can come to it and find unwavering Truth
Food - something I love to do and nourishment as God provides it.
Football - another fun thing (and something that brings my brother and I together more than not)
Possessions - they help make life easier
My education and brain - I love to think
Books - Helping insure the above
Creation - seeing a little bit of the God I serve when I walk outside

As you can see these aren't in any particular order after the first 5. I hope you have found things to be thankful for - and share it with the people you are thankful for! :)

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